SKK Mobile has a thoughtful treat to all the graduating students and anybody who just want to get a new phone. The phones included in the sale are the: K25 feature phone, A22, NEO, Meteor+, Phoenix Tab 5 and the capable Platinum Edge.

Check Out The 2015 Graduation Sale Of SKK!
SKK Graduation Sale
Price list and discounts...

Platinum Edge - from PHP 2,999 to just PHP 2,499
Phoenix Tab 5 - from PHP 2,999 to just PHP 2,599
Meteor+ - from PHP 1,999 to just PHP 1,499
NEO - from PHP 1,799 to just PHP 1,299
A22 - from PHP 1,399 to just PHP 1,099
K25 - from PHP 599 to just PHP 499

The graduation sale started last March 14, 2015 and will end this March 16, 2015! So those who wanted to grab a new phone with a very affordable price. You may want to check out the above listed items.


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