According to reports published on Thursday, Google will apparently launch a for kids' version of the Youtube App that going to be called the "YouTube Kids". It is said that the YouTube Kids will be avialable on Google Playstore starting on Feb 23. As of the moment, the said App will be Android exclusive only.

YouTube Kids Coming Soon?
YouTube Kids Coming Soon?
The YouTube Kids app was developed in order to accommodate the request from parents as family entertainment is growing. YouTube is also seeing a 200% year-over-year growth in that department. With this parents can now also set limits on adult contents to prevent your child from viewing such videos. Aside from that parents can also set timer limits wherein the app will automatically shut down and can't be restarted without entering a password. This YouTube version is kids friendly, fun and educational.

Great move YouTube, this is a great way to avoid child exploitation on porn, violence and other evil acts.


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