There's a new and much improved version of the popular and sleek looking Razer Blade! The new blade is powered by a monster NVDIA GeForce GTX 970m (Maxwell) and has a new 14 inches 3,200 x 1800 IGZO display!

Razer Blade 2015! Now Powered by GTX 970!
Now this is a beautiful gaming machine!
The internals of this stylish gaming machine was also improved it now has a 512 GB of solid state drive and the memory has been doubled into a monstrous 16 GB. Aside from that it is said that the battery has been improved as well using the NVIDIA Optimus technology and the 70WH Li-ion battery.That specifications makes the new blade ranks among the best gaming laptop as of today. Not mentioning that it has the sleekest and thinnest design of them all.

The starting price of the 2015 Blade is at USD 2,199 via Microsoft Store starting on February 16. Hopefully we'll get too see on in person soon here in the Philippines.


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