An SLR quality shot using your smartphones? That could be a possibility now as Olympus Air is a pro camera lens that can be attached on your smartphone. The Olympus Air, is a remote device that can be connected to your smartphone wirelessly.

Olympus Air Announced! A Pro Camera Lens Attached On Your Smartphone!
Olympus Air
It also has a pretty impressive specifications as it has 16 MP Live MOS sensor and can take 320 shots in a single charged. Aside from that the Olympus Air is said to be an open platform camera since Olympus is planning to allow third party developers to create apps for the lens.

Unfortunately, it is said that this device will be available only for the Japanese market for the meantime. There's also no word about its pricing yet too. Hopefully it will be launched internationally and we'll get a chance to hold it here in the Philippines.

What do you think of this guys? Will this replace your DSLR for point and shoot purposes?


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