Last February 12, 2015, the Philippine's premier ICT distrubutor, MEC Networks Corporation officially launched their partnership with Fortinet at the 71st Floor, Gramercy Residences Century City. Fortinet is a network security market leader and a worldwide provider of security appliances. Through MEC's value added distribution, the partnership aims to expand Fortinet's network security products in the Philippines.

MEC - Fortinet Partnership Now Official!
MEC - Fortinet Partnership Launch
According to Merrick Chua, President of MEC Networks Corporation, "In MEC, we always strive to bring the future of tomorrow today through distribution of enterprise-grade network products. That means tying the knot with only the most-respected world-class suppliers in their respective fields. That is why we partnered with Fortinet. MEC aims to introduce the latest network security innovations in the Philippine market through Fortinet’s network security appliances. In the field of networks security, Fortinet is looked upon as a global leader and innovator, only providing the highest performing platform that would secure the network infrastructure.”

MEC - Fortinet Partnership Now Official!
Merrick Chua, President of MEC Networks Corporation

With the launch of their partnership, MEC is now appointed as an official distributor of Fortinet's network security product in the Philippines. Fortinet will cater all sizes of business - may it be a small of medium enterprise or a corporation. Their solutions suite includes High Performance Firewalls for data centers, NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) for the enterprise edge, and UTM (Unified Threat Management) for distributed offices.

According to George Chang, Vice President of Fortinet for Southeast Asia and Hongkong, “Today, we are number two in Asia Pacific. And number one in my region – Southeast Asia and Hongkong in terms of most UTM (Unified Threat Management) appliances. Solution has gone from the small end to the big [corporations]. So we have solutions almost in every area. It is my belief that in the next two years, this year and next year, the security markets will peak [in the Philippines].”
To know more about MEC and fortinet, you may check out their website. (Click here!
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