Kickstarter has been helping a lot of interesting products lately. This time I saw an in ear monitor with a weird but very cool and interesting glowing headphone called the "Glow Headphones!" It is a dual driver in ear monitor that's powered with the widely used and great sounding special tunes Knowles balanced armature drivers.

Glow Headphones! An Interesting Knowles Dual Armature Driver IEM
A cool glowing in ear monitors! :)
As we all know, Knowles powered in ear monitors often delivers great musicality, details and amazing clarity for your musical enjoyment. It also has a Glow app on Android and IOS devices wherein you can set the brightness as well as selecting the glow mode. The Glow shine can last up to 8 hours of continuous use and it can be charged via a standard micro USB cable. Plus even if the battery runs out you can still keep listening with your favorite music even without the glow.

Video Here

You can get these crazy good looking IEMS by backing it up via Kickstarter, there's no word yet when it will become available internationally. It's priced at USD 127 or roughly around PHP 5,596.83 which is the average price of a dual armature driver IEM globally.

To view their Kickstarter Campaign: Click Here!
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