The follow up to the highly successful and great sounding FiiO X3 has been announced! Introducing the FiiO X3 II, the second generation of the portable DAP that started the trend of Hi-Fidelity low-budget DAP with great build and overall performance!
FiiO X3 II Announced!!! The Worthy Successor Of X3?
Looks like the bigger brother of FiiO X1
It has the same form factor of FiiO X1!

I speculate that the main reason for this is the great design and form factor of the FiiO X1. Honestly, I didn't like the old design of the X3 very much so this is such a good overall improvement. In comparison with the X1, the second generation of the X3 will be slightly thicker, but we can still expect a very compact device.

It now features the Cirrus Logic CS4398 and now supports native DSD. If I'm not mistaken this device could still function as a USB DAC. Based on the photo it may have adapted the UI of the FiiO X5 which we will confirm soon. As for the complete specs, we still don't have the complete details about it, but I expect it to be better in almost every aspect compared to the older version.

As of the moment, there is still no official word about the exact price of the FiiO X3 II, but I expect it to be just a little higher than the older version.


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