The much awaited an highly anticipated 2nd generation of the FiiO X3 will have a Philippines audition tour. Reviewers across the country will try this DAP first which could mean that this player might be on sale here very soon!

FiiO X3 2nd Gen Coming Soon In The Philippines?
FiiO X3 2nd Gen!
For those who don't know the first generation of the FiiO X3 started the worldwide revolution of a very high quality HiFi music player for a very low price. The 2nd generation of the FiiO X3 would love to continue that trend with a much improved version of the FiiO X3The design of the DAP (digital to analog player) looks like the slightly bigger brother of the impressive sounding FiiO X1.

As of the moment, I still don't know the exact pricing of this one but I'm expecting it to be a little higher than the first gen of FiiO X3. What I'm sure right now is this is going to sound better because of the Cirrus Logic CS4398 chip, will now support DSD and will a much improved UI ala FiiO X5.


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