To those who have been patiently waiting for the Beats music streaming for Apple, your wait could finally be over. Rumors and reports has been stating that the music streaming service may come out in the IOS 8.4 update this April 2015.

Apple's Beats Music Streaming To Come This IOS 8.4 Update!
Beats X Apple
It is set to compete with the likes of Spotify and others at a much lower streaming rate at just USD 4.99 a month compared to Spotify at USD 10 per month. Apple has been reportedly meeting with more musicians, artist and record labels to garner support for the cut in royalties to make the rates cheaper.

This app could also be the first Apple application to work on Android. Hopefully, this service will have a great start and can offer high fidelity music streaming to the general public. The more and better competition the better.


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