Android is now targeting your workplace and might go for an all out war with Blackberry for the office Apps supremacy. Today Android for work has been officially launched by Google, it features a secured container that has access to Google apps that are customized for business use.

Android For Work Launched By Google! A More Secured Office Apps?
Android for work
As of the moment that feature is only available with Android 5.0 handsets. For those who have devices that can't be updated to Lollipop rest is assured that Google will offer a separate app for a more secured mail, calendar, contacts, documents, browsing, and other work related apps. Google Play for work will make sure that only the applications approved by your IT department will be available for your device. It will also included customized Google Apps that will sit side by side with third party apps like Box, SAP and Salesforce 1.

This development is very relevant as Android OS has the most number of users in the world today and having a more secured Google Apps for work is important to most people in the business side.

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