Xiaomi smartphones are known to sound good, but not breathtakingly great. So in  order to keep up with Meizu, it seems like Xiaomi now wants to enter the HiFi game to improve their audio quality ala Meizu MX4 Pro. Rumors are stating that they will be unveiling their new flagship with a Hi Fidelity audio chip this January 15.

Xiaomi Opera? Finally, A HiFi Phone From Xiaomi?
Xiaomi Opera?
Now Xiaomi is getting the attention of my ears...

If that rumor is true, that should be the delight of the audiophile community that loves Xiaomi smartphones and the legion of fans by Xiaomi. It would also be a great initiative from Xiaomi as per my personal experience the Pistons 2.0 / 2.1 sounds better with other flagship phones most of the time. Hopefully they will be able to beat or at least match the opamp + dac combo of Meizu MX4 Pro. If Xiaomi will do this, it might also be the start of high fidelity revolution in the smartphone world as Xiaomi is known to be a great influence to most people and might even force other brands to make audiophile grade smartphones in the future too.

Now whether Xiaomi will call it Mi 5 or Mi 4S, as long at it will have that audiophile grade playback capability, it's going to be a great thing!


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