VSonic has finally released the much awaited follow-up to the highly successful VSonic VSD3! VSD5 suddenly appeared on lendmeurear a popular budget audiophile online shop. VSD5 is extra special for that price because it claims to offer the similar sound signature of Sony EX1000 which cost around USD 300!

VSonic VSD5 Now OUT! Appeared On LendMeUrEars For USD 85!
That price!

  • Driver Unit: CCAW Dynamic Drivers
  • Connector: 3.5mm plug
  • Cable: 1.2m±0.3m Silver plated copper wire
  • Accessories: 4 pairs of silicon tips, 1 X pouch

The first big IEM news of 2015!

VSD5 was announced to be under development last 2013 together with VSD3 and VSD7. VSD3 came in last year and was a hit to those who seek the sound signature of Westone 4 for a much cheaper price. Now VSD5 is poised to do the same thing! It carries a CCAW dynamic drivers to deliver hi fidelity sound, a the usual silver plated copper wire of VSonic that's highly durable. Just like VSD3, VSD5 carries the same shell and the same detachable cable technology.

Now I'm uber excited to personally try how this one will fare against the VSD3 and the other great sounding IEMS like Havi B3 Pro I and Ostry KC06A!

You can buy this one now at: Click Here!
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