Torque Mobile has announced a new octa core phone with great specs for the massed on their official Facebook page called the Torque Droidz Marvel HD! The Torque Droidz Marvel HD is a promising octa core phone that's said to be their fastest, slimmest and toughest smartphone yet.

Torque Droidz Marvel HD Announced! A New Bang For The Buck Slim Octa Core Phone?
That thinness is something so wow!
It's a sexy looking thin octa core goodness!

Based on the image, this device is destined to be a stunner! It could be the new benchmark when it comes to an octa core phone with great design, sleekness and durability. Aside from the octa core processor this device has 13 MP of rear camera, 5 MP of front camera and has 1 GB of RAM.

What I don't know yet is the material they used with the body, but this might really be a durable phone due to that Dragontrail 3 glass protection on its screen. Hopefully we can get hold of this device in the future to do a full review as it looks really promising!

Cheers to Torque Mobile for coming up with great devices lately!


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