Microsoft has been criticized why Microsoft Office App for IOS looks better than the Windows Version. As their own product Microsoft promised that they haven't forgotten the Windows phone and there might be something new for Windows Phone fans and users by Feb 19 (Chinese New Year)!

Microsoft Office For Windows Phone Looks Like The IOS Version?
A new and improved office?
We are speculating that it will be a new and much improved version of the Microsoft Office for Windows Phone! According to the official Facebook account of Microsoft Columbia, "Edit your documents while you’re away from the office with mobile app #Office" which means they are now preparing the new and redesigned Microsoft for Windows Phone.

The image on that status is showing that the new Microsoft office might look like the IOS version. If that's true, it would definitely be great and hopefully it will be better than the IOS version as Office for Windows is supposed to be better than any other OS.


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