Lumia 930 has been my main phone for the majority of the Christmas break and it was a splendid experience. After more thadn a week of playing around with the Lumia 930, I'll now share with you my experiences and what I think about this Nokia's legacy phone. As a teaser, the Lumia 930 is an awesome multimedia phone!

Lumia 930 Full Review, The Best Lumia Around Got Some Serious Imaging And Microphone!
Lumia 930 Review
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Lumia 930 Full Review, The Best Lumia Around Got Some Serious Imaging And Microphone!
It has an elegant display too!
The display of Lumia 930 is definitely great! The viewing angles looks phenomenal on almost all sides. The colors were strikingly vibrant in a great way. Even when hit with direct sunlight you can still see the colors clearly. It is also one of the rare phones that doesn't hurt my eyes even with long use. The screen also has that very smooth feel which make it great for navigating around the phone and gaming in general. That 441 ppi and OLED screen did wonders to this phone as it has one of the best displays I've seen.

Battery Life

Lumia 930 Full Review, The Best Lumia Around Got Some Serious Imaging And Microphone!
pretty impressive battery life
When it comes to battery life, Lumia 930 is no slouch! Even if it uses a power hungry Snapdragon 800, the device managed to last me a day on regular use. When it comes to heavy usage like heavy gaming, internet browsing

Audio Test

As a music source, Lumia 930 wont disappoint for fans of pop, rock, hiphop and rnb. While the Lumia 730 and Nexus 5 might have a little more details and clarity. There's no denying that this can deliver so much fun into your tunes. It's slightly bass boosted but fortunately it doesnt overwhelm. It wins via bass quantity over any phones I've tried even against the best sounding smartphone in the world right now. (MX4 Pro) However, there are some mid bass bleeds in some tracks that may put some concerns with the balance sounding fans. It can be remedied by adjusting the mid bass eqaulizer a bit though. The mids is on an average level wherein you can hear the voices decently and the highs can provide decent sparkles when needed. The soundstage is also on a good level as it can deliver enough air especially on live tracks and has wider feel compared to the Lumia 730. The separation of tunes was also great as you can clearly hear most of the details and layers of the song correctly. Overall this phone is a great source for most people who loves fun and energetic music.


The speakers of this phone is decently loud. It has enough details to satisfy those who want to play loud music on the go. However, the speakers that can be found in the lower-end Lumia 730 was clearly louder and better. So if you wanted some louder audio output from your Lumia 930 an external portable speakers could be a good solution.


Microphone recording sample
(It sounded so good that it almost had the same quality of a studio recording)

The microphone quality is unreal! If I thought that the mic of Lumia 730 is already super good. Lumia 930 took it to a whole new level! The clarity is the best I've heard, the sound layering is insanely good and the dimensions are very wide. Overall the microphone quality of the Lumia 930 is probably the best in the world. Thanks to it's Lumia Rich Recording with four microphones!


As we all know Lumia's specialty is its amazing camera. Here are some sample shots.

Low Light Shot
Super Low Light Flash
Dim Light Shot 1
Dim Light Shot 2
Megamall, Good lighting
Outdoor shot
Indoor shot, I used it to shoot the Lumia 535 Review
Regular indoor shot (Not Zoomed)
Zoomed shot
Low light Selfie
Selfie with enough light
Lumia 930 shot
iPhone 6 Plus shot
Compared to the Lumia 930, the shots taken from the iPhone 6 plus may have the wow factor at first, but it looks filtered in comparison with the Lumia 930. The Lumia 930 has better details, colors looks more natural (it was dim at that moment) and has a wide angle lens.

The camera of Lumia 930 is extremely good! As a matter of fact, I've been using this one to take photos for our reviews at the whole Christmas break. My only complaint about it is the shutter speed isn't as fast as the Lumia 535 or the 730 on auto mode. That could be remedied though by taking the photos manually by adjusting the shutter speed.

I'm liking it better in comparison with iPhone 6 Plus, Huawei Ascend P2, Z3 Compact and other smartphones with good camera. The colors seems to be very natural, has good balance, great vibrance and little grains. In lowlight conditions it also performed exceptionally well as it can take decent shots event with just little lighting. Actually to my surprise, even with no light it can still capture something out there. The flash ranks among the strongest I've seen too.

The front camera is not to be left behind too, even at just 1.3 MP it is better than the half of 5 MP selfie cameras out there not named Lumia. Even if it is a little grainy at times Lumia 930 can take decent selfies even at low light conditions.


Windows 8.1
When it comes to the performance side, this phone performs on the flagship level. It's a very fast phone with a little or no lag at all. Multitasking it great as you can open many apps without slowing down your phone. It can play decent to heavy games with ease too. Now that I'm very much familiar with the Windows phone, I'm loving some in house applications like the OneNote, Office Apps and the Nokia Camera to name a few. The lack of software and app maturity might be resolve in the very near future with Lumia Denim update and the upcoming Windows 10. So even if you are a heavy or a casual user, the Lumia 930 might not disappoint you at all. :)

Game mode on


Lumia 930 Benchmarks
Pro's - Amazing imaging capability (arguably the top 2 or 3 camera phone in the world), best in class microphone, great looks, extremely solid feel and build, bassy sound output (a huge plus to the public), best windows phone display I've seen

Con'sShutter speed isn't as fast as Lumia 730 on auto mode, bassy sound output (audiophiles may find it too bassy), lack of app maturity


The Lumia 930 is your near perfect portable multimedia phone. It has an amazing microphone and one of the best camera around for recording concerts, your own music video, filming short films and etc. The performance is not to be left behind too, it has enough power to run most heavy games and the overall performance doesn't lag at all.

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