The battle for the thinnest smartphone crown continues! While the usual contenders like Gionee and Vivo are really going at each other neck to neck and toe to toe, there's a new unknown brand that wants to beat the 2 of them called Ivvi! (A sub brand of Coolpad)

Ivvi Set To Break Vivo's Record As The Thinnest Smartphone In The World At Just 4.7mm!
Ivvi, the new king of thinness?
I always thought that it is almost impossible to break the thickness of the Vivo X5 Max for a long while as it is still relatively new, but Ivvi plans to cut their reign really short. Ivvi is planning to outdo the 4.75 mm thick Vivo X5 Max as the king of thinness among smartphones. The smartphone that they will release is set to break the world record at just 4.7mm!

In addition to that, we found out that the upcoming un-named device will have a 4.7 inches display, it will be made out of plastic, will have a speaker grill on the bottom of the back and may have a protruding camera too. Hopefully, there won't be much trade offs when it comes to specifications and battery life as we all know that the thinner the smartphone gets there is more possibility that the battery life may suffer.


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