Digital Technology World 2015 is an exhibit that's one of the good digital shows in the Philippines to showcase the latest system standards and technology for the business in various industries. (Electronics, Printing, Pro-Avl, Signage and Solutions)

Digital Technology World 2015 Announced At SMX MOA April 23-25, 2015!
Digital Technology World 2015
Now on it's 2nd year, the expo conceptualized to gather the leading suppliers and of the consumer electronics to showcase the latest innovations in audio, video, lighting, automobile electronics, gadgets, intelligent home appliances, applications, devices and more. The expo is said to open on April 23 - 25 at the SMX Convention Center, MOA Complex, Philippines.

Now I'm sure we are going to see more gadgets, the latest technology and innovation there! Maybe there will also be new releases of products too. We'll definitely keep an eye on this and will be there to cover it.

For more information about the said event kindly check out these links:

See you at Digital Technology World 2015!
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