A baby stroller that looks like a bat mobile? Let's be prepared to be super envious of this toddler stroller that's inspired by the great looking bat mobile. It's made by the Super Fan Builds that's engineers to look exactly like the Batmobile from the Dark Knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan.

Batmobile Baby Stroller, Now I'm Jealous!
How awesome is this?
Now I'm dreaming to have this kind of collectible for my future kids too! Not only that, personally I want to have my own batmobile too! This is just something so good looking, greatly engineered and a very fun cool concept!

To know more about them check this out

#drools I want this!

Tim Baker – Designer/Master Builder
Stacy Henning -- Shop Foreman
Shawny Martin -- Sculptor/Jeweler 

Erica Honles-Martin — Sculptor/Fabricator

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