Tonight we'll be experiencing one of the strongest Typhoon to hit the Philippines this year. Of course we don't want the nightmare of Ondoy and Yolanda to comeback. What we can do is prepare for the worst and do our best to help those who are in need.

It's a strong one so we really need to prepare!
Here's a list on how can we prepare for the worst...

1. Check news all the time! (Be updated on the internet, social media, radio and TV)
2. Charge your gadgets (smartphones, power-banks, laptops, tablets and rechargeable batteries)
3. Evacuate early (When you're in an critical area)
4. Stock FOOD - this is too obvious, we don't want an empty stomach during this times.
5. Prepare lights - flashlights, candles and matches!
6. Medicines and First Aid Kits!

Here's what others can do to help..

1. Donate Clothes - many of those who'll be greatly affected by the typhoon will definitely need this!
2. Donate Food (Sardines, Noodles, Water and etc.) - This is a great necessity!
3. Donate Money - just make sure to give it to the right authorities, not just to the pockets of the corrupt people
4. Donate Medicines and First Aid Kits - Many will surely need proper medications so please donate!
5. Volunteer - it may not be monetary, but this one is one of the most helpful thing you can do during calamities. #LongLiveBayanihan
6. Say a little PRAYER - it means a lot trust me!

Checkout this very helpful tip from our friends at Xiaomi Philippines that has the hotlines in case we need to call for help during emergencies.

This tip from Mi Philippines is a great one!

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