Just as predicted! Instagram is getting HUGE! According to Nomura Securities analyst Anthony DiClemente the said social media site now tops the number of Twitter members at 284 million. That could be because Instagram's main focus is to show your photo that ultra share-able.

Instagram Is Now Bigger Than Twitter!
Instagram vs Twitter
They said that Instagram's fan base is growing faster than Twitter! In just a year, the number of Instagram subsribers rose 22% in just the third quarter. 70 percent of those traffics came from outside the United States. In the Philippines it is currently one of the hottest social media sites aside from Facebook! More and more famous personalities like celebrities, singers and others are getting into the trend now.

The question now is will this trend continue or will Twitter be better with a vengeance? What we are sure right now is all those social media platforms will continue to get better and give us a better experience and more features. :)


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