E-Blue Cobra Junior is one of the few good budget gaming mouse in the country. At just PHP 495 it is one of the most affordable gaming mouse that you easily buy and always has stocks at Octagon shops all over the country. It is an entry level gaming mouse with basic functions, has 3 levels of DPI shift and an ergonomically comfortable design.

E-Blue Cobra Junior Budget Gaming Mouse Impressions!
Meet E-Blue Cobra Junior!
Build Quality and Design

E-Blue Cobra Junior Budget Gaming Mouse Impressions!
Cobra Junior's packaging
The build quality of this is more than decent! It's close to Razer's standard when it comes to that aspect. The plastic used feels more durable than Dragonwar's plastic, it has that classic rubber coating and a sturdy looking usb cables. 

E-Blue Cobra Junior Budget Gaming Mouse Impressions!
Cobra Junior Lights!
The E-Blue Cobra Junior is also properly designed, it feels amazing to hold the programmable keys are placed perfectly to reach easily and the overall look of the product doesn't feel cheap at all.

E-Blue Cobra Junior Budget Gaming Mouse Impressions!
Full body shot
E-Blue Cobra Junior Budget Gaming Mouse Impressions!
Programmable keys on the side

  • High Performance Optical Sensors
  • Clamp On Design
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Multimedia Programmable Keys
  • Built-in Lightweight Metal for added stability


  • Optical type:Red wave
  • Wired type:USB
  • Wire length:6 feet
  • DPI: adjustable 400/800/1600
  • Switch Life: 3000000 times
  • Size: 126 x 63.7 x 38.6 mm
  • Product Compatibility: Windows 98/ 2000/ME/NT /XP/win 7
  • Price: PHP 495

Verdict: One of the most comfortable to hold gaming mice out there!

While Dragon War Leviathan and Dragunov has better specifications at the same price range, the E-Blue Cobra Junior is more comfortable to hold and seems to have better build quality. It has enough 1600 DPI speed for my laptop resolution at just 1440 x 900. It has been amazing to use with Photoshop and navigation which made my work easier. As a casual gamer, Gaming is also decent with this as it has programmable keys and very precised navigation. Overall this has been my favorite mouse for the past week and will definitely won't replace this for a long while.


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