CloudFone just posted on their Facebook page to prepare for something sweet with an image of a Lollipop. It seems that the company is already gearing up to release a Lollipop powered device or an update to their current line up of devices!

CloudFone Android Lollipop Soon?
Might be the first local brand to have a lollipop powered phone or update!
If they said soon, I'm quite sure that it is really soon! Who's excited? I know most CloudFone users wanted a taste of Lollipop on their devices asap. Hopefully their great Thrill 600 FHD will be one of the first to get it. I'm also sure that they'll be releasing affordable Lollipop devices in the near future.

It's now the turn of the other local brands like MyPhone, Cherry Mobile, SKK, ZH&K, DTC, Happy Mobile, Starmobile and etc. to announce their Lollipop phones or update!

Who's excited? Lollipop is coming very soon!


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