So Samsung could be designing the Galaxy S6 in a different way. According to the recent comments of its main designer, they might be using a bezel-less dual curved edge design on this version of the Galaxy. It could be their main market differentiation from everyone else in the market today.

Photo of Note Edge from
This could be a better Note Edge...

That change in the design could be the answer to the current sales slump of the phone maker giant as the competition is getting tighter and tighter. If everyone else is trying to make a bezel-less smartphone, Samsung might be ahead by doing it in an extra ordinary way this the use of this strategy.

As of the moment, this is a very exciting innovation that's being planned by Samsung. Hopefully, they'll be able to hit the right button on this one as it seems to be really promising. Another rumor is this phone could be a flexible smartphone too. I wish that they could make this really durable, have a waterproof design and a lot of smarter gestures on those edges. Then of course add a killer specs and a reasonable price! If Samsung will be able to make that, they will be on top for a longer time. :)

What are your thoughts with this rumor? Do you like to have a dual edge S6?


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