Ahoy to all the geeks who attend the last Tech Island PLDT SME Event last November 17, 2014 at Pico de Loro, Nasugbu, Batangas! You guys surely had fun well including me! Although the event is just invite only for selected employees, company representatives, bloggers and other media people - I'll tell a story of what happened during the event.


When we entered the venue I was struck by the view! I love the Pico de Loro - especially the surroundings. What a view! If I'm not mistaken this place is pretty exclusive to members, but PLDT is awesome enough to held an event here :)

Wow! A perfect place to held the Tech Island event!
Grace Lee and her partner started the event at the Plenary Hall. They introduced the audience on what Tech Island is all about.

Next is the opening remarks from Mr. Jerameel Azurin the AVP head of SME Marketing PLDT SME Nation

 Inspiration Sessions

The first talk started with a very inspirational discussion with Gary Whitehill (Founder, Entrepreneur Week / Founder and CEO, Burst) who talks about about how SMEs can improve and promote their business using today's tools abd tommorow's technology

The second talk is from Paulo Pajo (Developer Evangelist at Smart Communication) which is quite humorous and talks about collaboration and curating businesses

Breakout Sessions
Talks about Salesforce on integrating it on SME's business to make sales much easier to handle

Talks about Disaster Defiance or preparedness using the Technology today as presented by Asigra, Vitro, IPC and Symantec also the technologies from PLDT SME Nation.

Sponsors Booth
Here, guests/visitors are busy on learning, filling up forms and playing mini games or selfies on the booths also to earn mini prizes or to learn something about business

Samsung is one of the big sponsors in the event they showcase their products like tablets, TVs, laptops and printers for SMEs usage.

Windows powered tablets by Microsoft with Microsoft Office included that really helpful for mobile businesses

People are trying out the demos of Windows Tablet with Microsoft Office installed! Cool!

PLDT offers a variety of Fibr internet that's very useful an convenient for SMEs at reasonable prices 

After the break out sessions the beach party started with top tech minds and hot celebrities. There are a lot of food and raffle prizes that are given away!

Lot's of food! Especially the seafood! Yumyum! Games and Activities on the Beach:
A. Video games: Fighting Games; Shooting games B. Hoops

Here is the very hot Roxee as one of the main host of the beach party program!

The very lucky winners of the Chrome books just by being the hottest man and woman of the night 

The #PLDTTechIsland event became a very successful event and thus will be done annually. Great venue, good food, awesome event! What else can I say? Every SME would really enjoy and want to be listed next time to attend the said event. The experience is quite amazing and enjoyable. Quite tiring but I won't mind, you would learn a lot especially on business - specially on start-ups or growing businesses. PLDT and its partners are offering the greatest  technology products and services. To know more visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PLDTSMENation , Twitter: https://twitter.com/pldtsmenation or website: http://pldtsme-nation.com.ph/techisland/ (check out more photos or sign-up in the site mailing list)

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