Techmisan is one of the latest promising mobile news applications on Android. It's an app that compiles and gathers most of the latest tech news and gadget reviews from your favorite tech websites.

It's a cool polished app!
Our news feed is there!

Geeky Pinas via Techmisan!
You can catch our latest Geeky Pinas articles via Techmisan too! Aside from us most of the top tech websites are there as well. This will lead any individual to be updated in the world of technology.

List of sites included, there's more below :)

Key Features

  • Complies of the latest tech news
  • Widget with feeds on homescreen
  • News notifications
  • Add favorite news
  • Share with your friends

Overall this is an app that's designed for the tech savy people who always read news to be updated! It's also lightweight, optimized and well developed as I find it very easy to use even with the older Android devices. So far I'm loving this app as I myself loves to read and read a lot of tech news and product reviews.

Good Job Techmisan Team!

It is available for download on Android via Google Play for download. Click Here!
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