While Nokia just announced its first Android Tablet, the Nokia N1, it has also made its Z Launcher (Open Beta) available for everyone to download via Google Play Store. The Z Launcher is a project of Nokia that is now in Open Beta status.

One of the notable features of this launcher is it's gesture control. If you trace a letter on your homescreen, it will reveal apps, contacts and web links that starts with that particular letter. Trace another more, then the selection will be narrowed down.

So, what are we expecting from the open beta of Z launcher? 

  • It's now faster. It improved speed and optimizations.
  • It brings more context into the launcher's algorithm, thus improving prediction
  • Refined Scribble with improved response time and recognition
  • Z Launcher can now run on rooted devices

The Z Launcher is now available on all Android mobile phones running 4.1 OS or later.

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