While the Apple is on the phase of rolling out their iPhone 6 handsets across the world, a graphic artist posted on Behance his concepts of iPhone 8. Yes, iPhone 8, not 7. :) 

As you can see on the photos, his rendered designs show an elegant and sleek iPhone 8. Although for me, the design is not so far from iPhone 6's, it got me interested to browse and share it. Check out the photos below:

iPhone 8 With Black Glass

Rounded Corners

Black iPhone 8's side

iPhone 8's ports located below of the handset

Rounded Edge

Rear Camera with flash

Button at the side

Touch  ID?

Back of iPhone 8

iPhone 8 With White Glass

White iPhone 8

Rounded Corner

Touch ID and 3.5 mm Audio Jack

iPhone 8 Matte

Back of iPhone 8 With Matte Finish

Rear Camera With Flash

Clear view of the back

iPhone 8 G

iPhone 8 C, or G rather?

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