Corning, announced Gorilla Glass 4 as the latest version of the leading ultra durable glass for smartphones and tablets. This time the goal of Gorilla Glass is to protect your smartphones from facedown drops even from a solid object.

A new breed of super durable glass?
Corning is also claiming that this new glass is about twice as strong as their older glass. They said that there have been numerous drop test of phones from a meter height with a really high 80% survival rate. While the glasses from the other phones shattered in every test. If those claims are true, we are here to see something so durable that should save the lives of our smartphones even in sudden drops, scratches and other accidents.

Now I wonder what till the "supposedly unbreakable" sapphire glass used by Apple will do to counter this bold move by Corning Gorilla Glass. Now I'm excited to the war of glasses in the next few months, again the winner is the regular us the regular consumers.


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