Few days ago the the Playstore by Google have had an update. The slicker version of Playstore is now Google's material design just like what they did to the revamped Gmail App. The new Playstore also have a revised icon with flat design to compliment the material design well.

Google Play Updated With Material Design Update Download!
Check out the download link below
The new Google Playstore have several new features like:

What's New is now on the top part - it is now easier to find the new apps for download and you won't have to scroll way below this time.

Widget suggestion new icons - there's now a new widget for playstore when you try to add it to your home screen.

Material Design - with the new material design, playstore now have a cleaner flat look which looks pretty great to my eyes.

Download Now: Click Here!

Note: After downloading the apk just copy it to your phone then open the file for installation. This will automatically update your current Playstore into the new one.

Overall, the new design philosophy of Google seems to look fine and easier to use with this latest version of Google Playstore. So folks try better try it now. :)

Cheers and Enjoy!


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