The concept of recording events or any form of information to communicate ourselves has been with us for centuries. One of the mediums to for recording information are books and as of late, a lot of the old mediums for information like newspaper or databases are all becoming digital. Over the years, even books are beginning to transition to the digital age. So you can guess how excited we were when we were given the opportunity to acquire the Amazon Paperwhite so we can help answer that question. 

The book of the digital age!
Kindle Paperwhite 2014 First impressions! 

We were able to acquire the kindle due to one of our writer's family members were invited for a wedding last October in Las Vegas. It was then that we saw the opportunity and we got it. 

Build Quality

like a gun to a holster, it fits perfectly to your hand
The Paperwhite at first glance is a premium black slate with a high-quality textured plastic at the back for a more tactile feel and to induce added friction to avoid slips while reading. The front of course has the E-ink display. It is surrounded with a thick high-quality smooth plastic bezels that has the 'Kindle' emblazoned at the bottom of the screen.

E-Ink display looks amazing!

E-Ink is truly made for reading
The E-ink display is without a doubt the best part of this device. During our time with it glare has never been a problem. It is easy on the eyes that I just find myself holed up somewhere reading a book on this thing for hours on end. Sometimes I end up finishing a three-hundred page book in one sitting. The touch-screen is smooth and sensitive. The device itself is snappy. It just look like it lags because of the limitations of the refresh rate of the E-Ink display. Otherwise it just feels like a dream. E-Ink is truly made for reading.

To conclude, nothing will be able to replace the experience with being able to touch the texture of paper nor can anything replace the experience of the smell of new paper or aged paper with the smell of the ink printed on it. What it can replace is that it is so easy to read on the Paperwhite that you will find yourself consumed and immersed into the words of the authors. That we think, as a reader is what we are looking for. Though there are trade offs we are willing to let it go because we are always on the go and this is an amazing device built for the people who want the convenience and luxury of being able to carry a whole library of books in their pockets and be able to immerse themselves when they find time for it.

Watch out for our full review in the coming weeks.

By Neil Jimenez
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