For the past 10 years, Google has always been the default search engine of Firefox browsers. In a sudden change of heart and strategy to seek market dominance Mozilla have reach an agreement with Yahoo to be its default search engine. Firefox is stating that they did this because its time for a change and an opportunity to review their competitive strategies and explore options.

Firefox Replaces Google Search With Yahoo As Default Search Engine!

The rise of Google Chrome definitely did something about this...

It was a 5 year partnership with Mozilla to make yahoo their default search engine in desktop and mobile devices. Now I wonder what will be the effect of this on Google search as there are millions of users who do billions of searches to Google via Mozilla Firefox. Fortunately for those who doesn't want yahoo as their default search engine, they can still replace it to their desired search engine.

Yahoo also showed a preview of the interface changes of this search engine that the Firefox users in the US will start to see this Decemeber. Now the battle of browsers, search engines and platforms continues.

What do you think of this move by Firefox?

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