Beats Solo 2 is one of the most anticipated headphones to arrive in the Philippines. It is the updated version of the original Solo that is not overpriced anymore. According to reports this headphone by Dr. Dre now sounds great for its price and should now satisfy the picky ears of some people.
The new beats solo 2!
The Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 2 have an improved overall sound quality that has an enhanced clarity, a wider soundstage and improved acoustics. This time they also improved the aesthetics making it more portable, lightweight and durable. The new Beats Solo 2 has been engineered to have a custom fit feeling as the earcups are now angled naturally to perform this fit with amazing comfort. The pads and earcups used here is also made up out of premium materials which makes it minimize the heat and sound leakage.

With that the new Beats you can now feel a new kind of good sound, better comfort, better isolation and new great design.

The new Beats Solo 2 also have a RemoteTalk cable for making your calls easy. Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 2 will be available in red, white, grey, pink, blue and black at a suggested retail price of PHP 12,500.

To get this one just contact the sole distributor of Beats by Dre in the Philippines by calling MSI-EXS Philippines at 688-3180 or email

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