Are you using a heavy launcher on your android device because it looks great, smooth and have a lot of features? What if you are using an old device with just 512 MB of RAM and not so fast processor? I'm quite sure that it will just further slow down your phone. Today I found a free launcher that could give your old and slow device a new look and a little boost on performance.

Apus Launcher, A Super Lightweight Great Looking Launcher!

Check out APUS Launcher!

Apus launcher is currently one of the hottest android launchers in available for Android. It is founded by Li Tao, A former Vp at Chinese software giant Qihoo 360. They have a goal of building the smallest, fastest and the most simple launcher interface for Android! In just a matter of few months the said launcher generated 30 million user around the globe as a testament on how good this launcher is!

Apus Launcher, A Super Lightweight Great Looking Launcher!
Checkout that interface! I'm using an old Android 4.1 phone here.
Apus launcher is a free android launcher that just works! It is currently the lightest launcher I've ever tested that is free of use. It offers a clean looking flat design that's really good looking and does the job right especially when it comes to the older version of Androids. The download size of Apus launcher is just a little over 1 MB and other overall experience is just very light and smooth.

It's also feature packed

Apus Launcher, A Super Lightweight Great Looking Launcher!
Apus launcher also have it's own marketplace ala MIUI and looks like it too!
Apus Launcher, A Super Lightweight Great Looking Launcher!
I also love the way wherein we can adjust the settings of the launcher
 for the performance we desire
So far the features I loved about the APUS launcher are:

  • 1 Tap clean - Ala Clean Master
  • Very clean UI and smooth overall feel even with older android phones.
  • The APUS settings - I don't have to download a torch app anymore. :)
  • Custom APUS apps

Overall the experience is very much like MIUI launcher that's a little bit more refined looking. If you love to want a MIUI look for your phone? Go on and try this one out APUS launcher for a fresh new android experience not just for your old phone, but also to your flagship  device.


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