According to reports several days ago, Xiaomi is preparing a GoPro like action camera that we should be able too see soon. According to rumors it is going to be priced around USD 163 which is just around 7315.44 via straight currency conversion. With that price we might be able so see a good action camera at a very affordable rate.
Mi Camera soon? Photo credits to GizChina

The camera is rumored to be called the "Mi Camera, Mi Action Camera or Xiaomi Camera". Whatever the name could be I'm quite sure that Xiaomi will give GoPro some stiff competition in the next few years. 

The specification of the said phone is not yet very clear, but according to our source it is believe to take 30 FPS 4K video or 120fps at 1080p Full HD videos, a 138 degree wide angle lens and an SD card support up to 128 GB.

The waiting game begins again now and honestly I'm super excited to see this unit very soon. What do you think about this device? Share your thoughts below.
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