Are you tired of your phone's low volume and poor equalizer? Most of the time our phone's volume is controlled by the system not to exceed a certain level. Viper takes care of that by bypassing the system sound and exceed the limit of your phone's volume.

It's an instant amplifier!

One of the main strengths of Viper4Android is it amplifies the volume of your phone's speaker, audio output and Bluetooth audio. It can amplify the volume of your phone with different gains (up to 10x) and you can also lessen the max output up to -10 dB. 

It have 3 modes - there's a Headset Setting, Phone Speakers and Bluetooth Device.

The equalizer!

Viper4Android uses a parametic equalizer wherein you can control and adjust the flavor of your desired music. There are also presets included in Viper4Android including: Acoustic, Bass Boost, Bass Reducer, Classical, Deep, Flat, R&B, Rock, Small Speakers, Treble Booster, Treble Reducer and Vocal Booster. All of them are quite good that depends on the preference of the user.

Based on my actual experience this is one of the most complete and better sounding equalizers that I've used on Android. 

What are the things you should not do with it?

Protect your ears!

When using headphones and in ear monitors, make sure not to turn it too loud to damage your ears. There are headphones who have more or less requirement that's why sometimes there's no need or a need to amp it up, but once it reached the right volume of your desire just stop there. :)

Here's the catch

Viper4Android only works for rooted device, so you may need to risk the warranty of your phone by rooting it.

Lastly, enjoy your music! Viper4Android is surely one of the best sounding audio enhancer available for Android! So better grab one now!

Happy listening everyone!

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