Koss Porta Pro is one of the legendary headphones made by Koss! The headphone have perfect combination of timeless design, sound and price that makes this open headphone very easy to fall in love with.

Throwback Thursday, Koss Porta Pro
The classic porta pro! The pads used here is from plantronics though :)
A little bit of history

For those who don't know John Koss invented the 1st stereo headphones in 1958 then the rest was history. Koss Porta Pro is one of their most successful and popular models designed in 1984 and remains to be ultra competitive in portability and sound quality up to this date! The original Porta Pro have gone through various changes like the black edition, 25th anniversary edition and ktc version.


  • Type: Portable headphones
  • Frequency Response: 15-25,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 60 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 101 dB SPL/1mW
  • Cord: Straight, Dual Entry, 4ft
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (US Only)
  • Accessories: Carrying Case
  • Price: PHP 2,000.00 - 2,500.00

Comfort / Isolation / Portability / Mods

Porta pro is one of the most portable over ear headphones ever made due to it's fold-able design that can fit small pouches and bags. It's also very light weight and the pads used is comfortable. Aside from that Porta Pro is very easy to modify and repair, especially if you have the skills. The users can easily drill more holes (kramer mod), change the pads (grado bowls or plantronic pads) and cables for a better overall sound, durability and comfort.

The Sound is TIMELESS!

Since 1984, Koss Porta Pro might be one of the most reviewed headphones in the world because of it's excellent sound quality through the years. Porta Pro is also one of the first good sounding headphone that was readily available in the market. It have that near high fidelity sound with great 3D soundstage due of it's open design. The bass is strong that punches really deep which can overpower the mids sometimes and the treble is just right and non fatiguing! The sound signature was very warm and fun which can deliver a full bodied sound which I still prefer over the newer open headphones from the competitors at the same price range.

Ending Thoughts

Fast forward 2014, Porta Pro remains to be one of the most recommended open headphones under PHP 3,000 pesos and might still be the best sounding open can in that price range. It's also one of the most common ear opener for most people who's wanted a fun open headphone to begin with this hobby.

Where to get this?

Egghead Audiohub
Fifth Ave Megamall
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