Last October 6, 2014, Adobe teased us with the latest trailer of the future of Photoshop. Every moment of the trailer is jaw dropping and magical which makes the future of Photoshop for tablet and PC looks ultra exciting for developers and regular people who just wanted to do art and editing! 

The Future of Photoshop Looks Freaking Amazing!
Excitement here we come! :)


The video showed the vision of Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere for Windows tablet!

Based on the video above the future of Adobe Photoshop looks very bright and exciting! Most of the developers / designers and even the general public will have more flexibility, ease of use, editing capability and more options! Aside from that, this should be the answer of Adobe to make Photoshop and their other products more efficient when used via tablet. Personally, I wanted to see this be a reality and I believe that Adobe have the power to do that soon!

Now who's excited? Feel free to share your thoughts below and have a nice day. :)


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