Phonebloks recently released a new video of the Project Ara. The video showed that the exciting modular future phone is already booting Android! Their 1st attempt early this year failed, but Phonebloks and Google really made a good progress by making it boot this time.

Project Ara plus Android is <3
According to reports, Google plans to bring Project Ara to the public this 2015! If that is true, they'll have less than a year to complete that process. However, I believe that Google and Phonebloks can make it on that given time frame.

Watch the video here

We all know what Project Ara is capable of. This is one perfect example of a vision getting closer to reality. What I'm more exciting right now is the future modules that can be attached with Ara. I think there will be a lot of them, from processors, screens, soundcard and etc. Hopefully it will reach the hands of the public by January 2015.

Who else is excited? :)


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