About a month ago, we have been hearing hints from Microsoft about its plans of dropping the Nokia and Windows brand, and renaming it to Microsoft LumiaNow, seems like Microsoft is now ready to make it official! 

Microsoft Lumia To Replace Nokia and Windows Brand

This is no surprise to us since the company has already acquired Nokia's devices and services business last April 2014. As part of the acquisition, the company is now responsible for handling the Lumia smartphones and tablets, Nokia phones, Surface, Xbox hardware and etc. Rumors also suggested that Microsoft plans to replace Surface brand with Lumia brand. 

Although Microsoft has acquired Nokia's devices and services business, and decided to drop the Nokia brand, the Nokia company isn't going away. It is still a separate company that focuses on their mapping and network infrastructure.

According to sources, the first country that will adopt the "Microsoft Lumia" name for its social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter is Nokia France. In the coming weeks, other countries will follow.

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