Microsoft just released a new app that can activate bing search engine by simply twisting your wrist! With Microsoft Bing Torque app for Android, you don't have to say "Okay Google" anymore to use search on your device.

Microsoft Introduces Bing Torque, Just Twist Your Wrist To Search!
It's a fresh new way to search on your android device!

It's the company's counter to "Ok Google"

The main feature of the app is you don't have to say "ok google" anymore. All you need to do is just twist your wrist then tell your device what you wanted to search. It is also one of the 3 projects launched under the Microsoft Garage project, the company's own version of Google 20% wherein the employees develops projects that they like and want.

Demo Video

It looks cool and easier to use!

With this app you can ask simple questions like "who's the ceo of microsoft?" and "what's the weather in san francisco?" and it will immediately display optimized answer you as long as you have good internet connection. The app is free of download via Google Play Store if you ever wanted to try this new refreshing app from Microsoft.

Bing is becoming really good in the recent years and I see the competition heats up a little bit more. With this we are all winners again as they 2 search engine giants are giving their best for us. :)
How do you think this Bing Torque app will fare against Google search? Share your thoughts below.

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