Meet the quantum leap in LTE technology, the LTE Direct technology by Qualcomm. The engineers from Qualcomm teased the next generation of wireless networking technology. What's exciting with LTE Direct is it is made to communicate with one another without the use of cell towers!
LTE Direct Unleashed by Qualcomm, The Next Step in LTE Technology
Super LTE soon?
The LTE of the FUTURE?

LTE Direct is also set to work at longer distances even with more than 500 yards which exceeds both WiFi and Bluetooth! Another special trait of LTE direct is the use of very little energy which means less battery drainage. Aside from that this type of LTE can also communicate with any device that have LTE capability other than your phone.

In the end of this pursues, far more greater possibilities with LTE technology can push through! Making our internet lives faster, more stable and efficient! 

LTE Direct is expected to reach the first world countries sometime late 2015, hopefully this type of technology will be in the Philippines soon too.

As of the moment, I hope that our government will fix most of the major internet issues first.


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