Apple is known to really keep it's secrets tight before, but it seems like Apple's iTunes Store got careless with this one. The photo below shows the iPad iOS 8.1 user guide for the unreleased iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3! Those devices will be formally announced tomorrow.
iPad Mini 3 and Air 2 Leaked Before the Launch!
iPad mini 3 and air 2 leak
Accidental or not?

Nobody knows, what we are sure is this a hype creating advertisement before the launch of the product that could probably help its sales in the future. Personally, I would have liked the leak better if it shows the complete specification of the product! 

The screenshot shows that the new tables have identical designs compared to the older versions with the addition of Touch ID sensors in the Home button. What's exciting about the new iPads is it is set to carry the Burst Mode feature that available for iPhone 5s to iPad Air 2!


The images indicates that the new name of the tabels would be "iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3" and that means that Apple inc is bringing back the number scheme for the names of these tablet series.

What are we expecting?

  • A faster processor
  • More color options
  • Better Audio Quality
  • Better Screen
  • Great Camera Optics
  • The better retina display

What are your thoughts on this new iPad Air 2 and mini 3? Share your thoughts below.


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