Keeping a healthy lifestyle is very important. However, due to the large amount of work we have daily, most people don't have enough time to exercise. In that regard, we'd like to share with you the easiest ways to do simple exercises in front of your desk or computer at work. Who knows, this might be your first step to a healthier you.

How To Exercise In Front Of Your Computer At Work?
GO and be fit and healthy!
No more excuses...

While it's close to impossible doing sit-ups, push-ups, crunches, squats and lifting real weights in your workplace, there are still other ways on how you can keep yourselves active. As long as we are alive, there's a chance to change. So let's all be healthy for the better!

List of things that you can do

Take breaks - Don't tire yourself too much! Going to the bathroom or getting a drink of water every hour helps a little as your body gets moving! Plus drinking a lot of water helps you clean your system and make your metabolism faster.

Proper posture and stretching - Don't slouch in front of your computer and please sit straight! It stretches your body that can increase your blood circulation, avoid injuries, reduce stress, increased range in motion and avoid straining your eyes too much!

Do the carpal tunnel reliever - Stand at the front of your desk, make your arms straight and place back of your palm in your desk until you feel the stretch for 15 seconds. Trust me it helps!

Move side to side from time to time - When you're tiring out, move your upper body side to side while sitting. It helps strengthening your side abs and burn a little calories. Do it for about 50 reps per break.

Stand up and help others when you're not doing anything - It keeps you active because you'll be able to move your body. Plus you get more friends from being helpful!

Desk Push-up - This exercise can increase your upper body strength and burn a little. You can do it for about 20 times per break.

Listen to music using earphones / headphones and move your body to the beat - Moving a little to the beat of music burns a little calories too! (Just make sure that you won't disturb others)

That's it! Go on and try to do those simple exercises to get your body moving and be healthy even at work!

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