For those who've been patiently waiting for 6 months for Ubuntu 14.10 this is your time to rejoice! Ubuntu just uploaded and announced the availability of download of Ubuntu 14.10 "Utopic Unicorn". Usually the .10 version of the most popular open source os for pc is meant to make the .04 version more stable, fix the bugs, add more important features and key software updates.

Hello Ubuntu Fans, Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn Is Now Available For Download!
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It's more stable now without much change...

While the latest Ubuntu upgrade is supposed to be more stable and have less bugs. The lack of new things and fresh ideas seems to be not present. However, the new Ubuntu seems to be more developer friendly as they have introduced the Ubuntu Developer Tools Centre.

The community wallpapers have changed, and Ubuntu Linux Kernel 3.16 offers the support of some of the latest CPU's including Haswell / Broadwell and the drivers of both NVIDIA and AMD.

Ubuntu Developer Tools Centre

This new feature of Ubuntu 14.10 simplified the installation of developer tools, SDK's for Android, dependencies and others with the use of single command. It will be released in the week of Ubuntu's 10th anniversary, so let's all watch out for it!

The notable apps in this latest release by Ubuntu are LibreOffice, Firefox 33, Thunderbird 33 and Unity 7.3.1.

Overall, the this new Ubuntu will cater the most of the concerns we've had in 10.04 which is really good. It could be perceived now as the most mature version of Ubuntu that just works well for anybody. Hopefully, in Ubuntu 15.04 code-named "Vivid Vervet" we'll see the eye catching updates when it comes to gestures, ease of use and more improved interface. What's important right now is this Ubuntu fixed the bugs and the added more stability of the operating system.

It's download and update time everybody! Who's excited? :)

What are your thoughts about this new Ubuntu? Did it satisfy you? Please share your thoughts by commenting below.

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