Halloween is just around the corner and some of us might be planning to party with our friends or families to celebrate the occasion! I'm certain that Halloween parties are not complete without that spooky fog coming out around the venue. It adds thrill to the party. O.o

In this article, I will be showing you first how to make foggy creations with the use of simple ingredients readily available in the market.
Basic chemistry knowledge is needed for this task and some few things that you can simply find at your respective homes.

For today, we will be using the dry ice method!

Dry ice is simply frozen CO2 or Carbon Dioxide. It's colder than regular ice (made of frozen water or H2O), when held by hand, it will surely make a burn mark feeling. Likewise, when placed in hot water, it produces a lot of fog action and sinks to the bottom part of the bucket when there is no air present. 

Things Needed
  • 5 Gallon Bucket
  • Hot Water
  • Gloves
  • Ice Thongs
  • Desk Fan 
  • Dry Ice (Frozen Carbon Dioxide)


Step 1Fill the bucket with almost full hot water. 

Reminder: Do not completely fill the bucket with water because it might overflow when you add the dry ice.
Step 2Gently place a piece of frozen carbon dioxide (dry ice) in the hot water. Handle it with caution! Use thongs, gloves or both. Drop it carefully or otherwise it will splash. We don't wanna mess things around, do we?
Step 3The melting dry ice will produce a fog. To blow the smoke in the appropriate direction, arrange the position of the fan accordingly.
Step 4: When the water cools and the dry ice melts, it will stop producing fog. Repeat the same steps above.

  • Use a bigger chuck of dry ice in order to make the fog scenery longer.
  • Prepare hot water to refill. 
  • Tweaking the water above the appropriate temperature will increase the fog effect.

Here's a sample video:

Caution: Please don't use the bucket on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. You might get hurt!


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