Recently, there's one project from kickstarter that turn a lot of heads with it's innovative, some may call irrelevant and crazy idea. Somebody from China created an air umbrella concept that takes advantage of the airflow to be your shelter against the rain. It's pretty crazy but I like the concept.

Gadget Alert! Invisible Air Umbrella Now On KickStarter!
How cool is that? :)
An invisible umbrella is possible!

Based on the website of kickstarter, the invisible umbrella only needs a $10,000 goal to make the project possible. Then in a short span of time it already surpassed that mark with over USD 78,873 and over 600 backers worldwide. Considering that amount of money and backers, this project seems to be a hit!

Gadget Alert! Invisible Air Umbrella Now On KickStarter!
schematic diagram

The invisible air umbrella is a totally different animal compared to traditional umbrellas. The said umbrella is set to take advantage of air to cover ourselves against the rain instead of the traditional fabric protection. 

Right now they're developing different models that have the battery life of 15-30 mins. That time should be enough to protect ourselves against the rain for several minutes. There will be 3 models of the air umbrella. Model A is probably marketed for the women and children, it's a 12 inches long and could last up to 15 minutes. Model B is a little more practical because it can last up to 30 mins and is expandable up to 20 inches. Model C is the longest of them in terms of length as it can be extended up to 32 inches and also have 30 minutes of battery life.

Right now the exact pricing of the project is still unknown, but if you're a backer you can get one umbrella for as low as USD 88.00!

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