Hello geeks, this is the movie you've all been waiting for! Avenger's just uploaded the latest teaser trailer of their latest movie "Avengers: Age of  Ultron! This is where we can get the first look of Ultron as he try to destroy the rest of avengers and took over the world!

Checkout Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Preview, Coming Soon This 2015!
Who's excited ? Put you hands up!
The trailer is out and it's FREAKING awesome!

The trailer shows the the rise of Ultron and the Avengers fighting him. What I'm excited about this one is how will Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers stop this war machine. From the teaser trailer it is also shown that the (supposedly impeccable) shield of Captain Amera was broken into to, Iron Man seems to be hopeless and the most exciting part where-in Ultron and Hulk is doing some serious smashing!

With this teaser trailer Marvel just broke the viewing records as the video became viral in a matter of minutes! As of my writing the trailer 43,926,231 views and counting! With that views I'm quite sure that this Avengers Movie is going to be a surefire blockbuster and will definitely surpass all the Marvel movies!

The Age of Ultron will be on theaters this May 1, 2015!



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