More than a week ago, Braven Mira arrived in our Geeky office. It's such a beautiful looking device that got us too excited to unbox it immediately. Now we've fully tested this great looking splash resistant portable speaker. So here's our review...

Braven Mira Water Splash Resistant Bluetooth Speaker Full Review!

Build Quality

Braven Mira Water Splash Resistant Bluetooth Speaker Full Review!
The cables are made out of good materials and the plug is gold plated!
Braven Mira Water Splash Resistant Bluetooth Speaker Full Review!
It looks and feel solid!
Overall, the build quality of Braven Mira is more than decent. It has that nice and durable feel of the entire package from the cables to the speakers itself. With proper maintenance and care, the Mira should last for quite a long time.


The Mira can be played through your music player using Bluetooth technology or the traditional 3.5 to 3.5mm cables. The Bluetooth function is fairly nice. I can play good music without distortion up to 6-7 meters away from the speaker using my phone. However, when you go a little farther that's where the sound gets a little choppy and distorted.

Braven Mira Water Splash Resistant Bluetooth Speaker Full Review!
 Bluetooth Mode!
The volume was fairly loud too even with your phone's stock music player. If you wanted to go a little more louder I suggest to use something like the a Viper4Android app to further boost it.

Braven Mira Water Splash Resistant Bluetooth Speaker Full Review!
You can also hook it anywhere you want! :)
The Mira is a splash resistant speaker that could be your perfect bathroom and beach speaker buddy. Just make sure that you won't submerge it underwater because this unit is just splash and spill proof. :)

*Note 1: I tried to spill a little in it and it still works perfectly fine.
*Note 2: It worked perfectly on Android, IOS and Windows devices

Braven Mira App

Braven Mira Water Splash Resistant Bluetooth Speaker Full Review!
A speaker with its own app!
The Braven Mira also have an app which is a cool initiative by the company. It can create your own playlist and add an ambient sound of your desire. However, I think that this app is not yet complete because I'm expecting some controls like an editable equalizer, and a volume booster. Maybe we'll see those in the next updates of the app. :) #FingersCrossed

Battery Life

The battery life of the Mira is outstanding! Based on the spec sheet, it has a 10 hour playback time To my case it lasted me 5 days on a single charge with playing time of at least an hour everyday and there's a time where I watch a full movie on my laptop for 3 hours. Overall I'm very impressed with the battery life of this device.

Sound Quality

Braven Mira Water Splash Resistant Bluetooth Speaker Full Review!
It's sound-trip time!
So here goes the sound... This is one of the few Bluetooth speakers that impressed me. The sound quality of Braven Mira is definitely above average. Its sound signature is more on the dark and warm side - meaning there's more emphasis on the lows (bassy side). That doesn't mean that the mids is going get muddy. The mids still maintains that luscious feel especially on soulful voices like john legend when his all of me is played, you can deeply feel the emotions of the song. The highs were pretty detailed too especially on the cymbals side when I play music rich in it. The soundstage is pretty wide too! I believe that the reason for that is the dual speaker inside the Braven Mira. Then like I said in our unboxing article the Mira it presents enough details and doesn't overdo the bass. 

The volume is really loud especially when I'm on auxiliary mode and decently loud via Bluetooth even when used outdoors. Just don't expect it to be as loud as regular large speakers. 

Overall when it comes to the sound department, Braven Mira is a very competitive small Bluetooth speakers available in the market today under PHP 5,000!

Note 1: The Mira sounds a lot better and louder when used with the 3.5 to 3.5 mm cables and saves battery life too!

Note 2: For the best sound do not play it on max volume via 3.5 to 3.5 mm cables. (When it comes to the Bluetooth mode, there's no problem cranking up the volume to the max.
Note 3: All the music files used in testing is a combination of FLAC files and 320kbps of MP3.

Pros - Outstanding battery life, above average sound quality with enough bass and good mids, great build quality and useful accessories / features

Cons - The sound distorts when I'm 7 meters away from the device when in Bluetooth mode


The Braven Mira is your very handy outdoor buddy speaker. It is also great to use to further boost the volume of your laptop and smartphone. Lastly, the Mira is one of the few good sounding portable Bluetooth speakers you can get in the land today with a very good battery life.

You can buy this at Digits Trading for PHP 4,450.00 only.

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