Asus Japan posted on their website a teaser of the devices they are going to unveil at the "Unlock the Future Event" this coming October 28. These products are particularly the new Zenphone and Zenwatch

The teaser doesn't reveal much information about the new devices. It just indicated the tagline, "Unlock the Future" and 2014.10.28 (the date of the event). If you will go directly to their website, you will also notice the live event countdown. Head over to source below to get the link.

Asus Set To Launch Zenfone and ZenWatch at the "Unlock the Future" Event on October 28


The first image shows the bottom of the phone with a metallic finish, concentric circle design, and the noticeable red band.


The second images teases us about the square-shaped Zenwatch with metallic contour.

Let's see what ASUS has in store for us. The "Unlock the Future" event is just few days away. Stay tuned for more updates!

What are your thoughts about their upcoming products? Comment below!


Asus Japan
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