Viber recently launched the Viber 5.0 update for Android and iOS, which offers powerful features and enhancements. The most notable additional feature of this latest update is its support for video calls - you can call your Viber contacts and be able to see them face-to-face for free!

Viber 5.0 update for Android Adds Video Call to Mobile

Viber 5.0 update for iOS and Android
Aside from the updated mobile version, Viber also released updates for desktop application for Windows, Windows 8 and OSX. The Viber for Android Desktop and Windows 8 has a totally new look!

Viber 5.0 update for Android Adds Video Call to Mobile
Viber for Android is completely redesigned!

According to Talmon Marco, Viber CEO, “We’re delighted to bring video calling to mobile. Now that you can make video calls from your phone as well as on your PC and Mac, you can always talk in the way that’s most convenient for you, wherever you happen to be.

Viber 5.0 update for Android Adds Video Call to Mobile

Here are the detailed enhancements of the Viber OS, as indicated on their official website:

  • Video calls. Now you can both call your Viber contacts and see them face-to-face - for free! 
  • Adding a contact made easier! Add a contact directly through Viber by adding their number or scanning their QR code! Learn more about how to add a contact here. 
  • IOS: Sticker re-ordering. Disable sticker packages you no longer use and set the order you would like your packages appear in your sticker menu. Learn more about changes to the Sticker Market here. 
  • Android: The user interface is completely redesigned. Users can enjoy its new fun look that is easier to use.
  • Desktop version 4.3: Includes a new and improved design, a fun backgrounds gallery and many improvements and bug fixes.
  •  Windows 8 version 3.2: It has an improved design, an updated snap mode with stickers, emoticons and notifications. It has has ability to see online contacts from the home screen and has PNG support for photo messages. Previous bugs were also fixed.
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